By Chance or by Choice

© Copyright roger geach and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

Change is always happening.  Change is a basic element of life, like air.  You cannot see it, but you can witness the effects.  It can happen in small whispers or it can happen in big gusts.

How are you caring for yourself?

How you care for the Earth mirrors how you care for yourself.  Like the seasons, you’re transitioning from life as you’ve known it, to a time when you cannot avoid the impact climate change is having on where you live and how you live there.

Change happens by chance or by choice.  When these two worlds collide, chance and choice, you must decide how you respond.  Do you choose to embrace the change or do you choose to resist?  The secret is, whatever you decide, you can also choose to change your mind.

With the book Ethics and the Earth Missionary I will show you how we can all learn from our past to more mindfully inhabit the Earth.  Take a deeper look at the places you love.  How have they changed?  How have you changed?  This is your chance to better care for yourself, for your environment, and create a legacy that celebrates life.

I am a ecopsychology-based career coach because I am fascinated by how we express and share ourselves through our work.  It can be a deeply personal act, which is why change in how we work can be both exciting and offending.  When it comes to how you work — especially on behalf of Earth — I can help you find that excitement and deal with offense.  I work with those of you who are gasping for change, and those who are gasping trying not to let it in.  I work with those of you who are gulping change in with a glint in your eye and smile on your lips; and those who are taking it in, eyes wide with fear.

Change is your air, and I help you understand that you have a choice, how to make that choice, and how to prepare for when it happens again. If you are curious, reflective, aware and trying to find your way, this book…this journey is for you.   Buy Ethics and the Earth Missionary by Earth Day, receive one free- 45 minute coaching session with me before Summer Solstice.

Let’s co-create a better life.

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