This blog was created while Rooted in Water:  The Importance of Story to Ecopsychology and the Beginning of a Practice in Narrative Ecopsychology was being created as my graduate-level application project.Through writing and reflecting I have come to realize that the one outdoor experience that changed my relationship with nature was created with the combination of three things:  story, people, and place.   These three molecules bond together to form the heart of the narrative ecopsychology practice.

While ecopsychology is the study of people and their relationship with their environment, narrative ecopsychology is the study of how story can connect the two.  In particular narrative ecopsychology is the study of how recounting events helps make sense of, reveal, and even change the human/nature relationship.

Beyond this understanding and structure which influences my coaching practice, the journey of this book helped me to realize how important it is to talk to one another, generation to generation, so that we know – through story – why people and places are important and what we’ve learned along the way.

I invite you to check out the book as well as my Barnes and Noble profile for a list of the books that have both influenced my understanding of ecopsychology and inspired my practice in narrative ecopsychology.


Ethics and the Earth Missionary

This is a time for change in our lives, professions, and climate.  We don’t have to go through it alone.  Offering a means of navigation in the wilderness of change, Ethics and the Earth Missionary is a journey to define, explore, and outline what the ethical standards could be for the field of ecopsychology and all of us who are looking to become more intentional in our relationship with the rest of the earth.

Utilizing metaphors as guides, Tiffany A. Dedeaux, weaves insights into a journey that elevates our level of awareness and assists in establishing a foundation of understanding we can reference in our personal, professional, and academic lives.

More than a set of rules one must abide by, a code of conduct can be a way to ensure that life is recognized and protected so that together we can adapt to the environmental, spiritual, and social changes ahead.


Welcome to Sacred TimeStuck staring at a computer screen?  I can help you identify, plan for, and create your Dream Job.  My name is Tiffany A. Dedeaux and I’m an Associate Certified Coach focused on your Career Satisfaction and Personal Growth.

With this book you will get to know my approach to Career Coaching as you:

  •  Think like a Career CEO
  •  Create a mission & vision statement
  •  Reframe your resume
  •  Market yourself

Create a career that feels authentic to you by tapping into your inner wisdom with a new perspective.  Changing how you look at your career will get you outside your box, help you take stock of your assets, and find freedom so you can create a career that will make your life sweeter.