What Will Your Focus Be Next Year?

How will next year be?


The year of the Goat (Ram or Sheep) is coming. What will it mean for you?

In the story of the Great Race, the Goat, Monkey, and Rooster worked together to get across the river and pull their raft up on the shore. Will this be a year of cooperation toward a common goal? Or will you focus on pulling weeds in order to get the raft ashore?

If you consider the phrase “get your goat” with your goat the symbol for your peace what would you need to work on this year to maintain your equilibrium this year?

A Horse of a Year

File:Horse.svg“It’s the Year of the Horse didn’t you feel it?”

It was a plodding along, a tearing…definitely not a smooth path for anyone. “Oh, yes I felt it,” I nodded to the woman I have serendipitously met on three occasions in three years.

For me this felt like a hard year with a heavy load to pull and a lot of work to do, but that’s what I do. I’ve already identified myself as a Work Horse, as you may recall.

According to Chinese Mythology the Horse Jade Emperor called a meeting. The first 12 animals to arrive to the meeting were awarded the corresponding position in the zodiac. Everyone trekked across a river to participate in the Great Race. Just as Horse was coming up on 6th place, Snake – hidden in the hoof – appeared giving Horse a fright and taking 6th place.

Can you identify with Horse in the year you’ve been having? Has there been a time so far this year when you were poised to take your prize only to be suddenly surprised and taken aback? How did you handle it and how have you grown as a result of situation?

All is not Lost

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

“Why do you want to live in Bellingham?” my husband has often asked me. I kept trying to explain and then one night on the way home a large buck strode up a driveway near the car. “That’s why,” was and will continue to be my reply. As I continue to revisit what Deer can teach me I find it interesting that each year they grow their antlers just to shed them and eat them. How you think about this could be an indication of how you see your own efforts when it comes to your career or lifework. Does shedding the antlers just to replace them the next year seem like a waste? Or does it represent your growth? Just like the antlers, this shift in perspective might just heighten your perception. You are who you are because of everything you’ve gone through. All is not lost. It informs your work.

How have you grown in the last year? How will that inform you in the year to come?

Suggested Reading

Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews


Finding Connection

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

My Ebony Sister asked me what I needed for this next chapter of my work. As I am answering and realizing that I need to focus my work, she begins sharing with me what resonates in her journey. At that moment two deer appear from the brush, cross the trail before me, and disappear on the other side. In the middle of thoughts of how surreal and magical this was I did think this could be a joke about why two deer crossed the trail…but I’m just goofy that way.

What is not goofy is the timing. My sister says, ‘Awww yes, Deer Medicine.’ I know that Deer is about gentleness and lures us into new adventures but how can that help? My calling, my passion is around the career, which is why I’m a Career Coach. What I’m looking to do is not so much connect people to the perfect dream job so much as I am about the process of crafting and finding satisfaction in the career that you create. But what does that have to do with Deer? As the story goes, Great Spirit called and Deer, having heard, immediately hit the trail to Sacred Mountain. A demon, determined to keep Deer and all others from connecting to the Great Spirit, blocked the trail, breathed fire, and made scary sounds. Deer looked at the demon with love and asked to pass, melting the heart of the demon and making the way for all of us to connect with the Great Spirit.

Deer as a Hero on a journey 1) hears the call 2) immediately answers the call 3) and overcomes fear with love. What that tells me is that any time there is a challenge we can be our own HERO. HERO as I suggested in another post, stands for HEARING the call, ESCAPING the past, REACHING for something more, and OVERCOMING fear. We may not hit all the steps, as Deer didn’t seem to have a past to escape, but there still is a sequence to the journey.

Consider your current career challenge. If you’re not satisfied with how things are, at which stage are you stuck and what would it take to get you going?

Suggested Reading

Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals by Jamie Sams & David Carson


Remind Me

Remind me that I’m a Sacred Warrior

When all I know is what I feel.

Remind me I’m a Sacred Warrior

When what I see is what is real.

Remind me I am

…Strong and lean

……Strategic and keen

………Focused and fierce

…………With skills to pierce

………The fog of doubt.

……This is war.

…A war on doubt,

Doing without,

Being less than

Any man,

Not good enough,

In a world of stuff.

I fight for

…The Sacred

……The unseen

………You must gleen

……….From the world of now

………Without knowing how

……What, where, or when

…Before the future begins

Remind me that I’m a Sacred Warrior

With the power to create.

Remind me that I’m a Sacred Warrior

And I determine my fate.

Stories Reframe and Empower

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

One interesting change in perspective is the way Seth Godin looks at story. In one post on his blog he noted that consultants, doctors, and politicians give us a story as a way to reframe what’s happening. That story will then empower us to fix our own problems.

Narrative ecopsychology, as it came to me, began as an exploration of how story can connect us with the rest of nature.

Think about your life and relationships. In what ways do you deal in story?