Support for Your Vision

Whether you have just now stumbled on this blog or you’ve peeked at a post or two for a while now you may have noticed a kind of evolution toward a more practical way of applying story and intentionally incorporating the natural world as part of the conversation.  This is the journey that I’d promised to have and share when I started this blog.

This practical look at becoming aware is how I am naturally; I like to try to understand why we do what we do.  This tendency has led me to launch a Career Coaching practice I call Sacred Time.   With this work I am looking to support you as you focus on personal growth and career satisfaction especially as you get clear about your vision for the future and recognize that you have something to say.

I will continue to post and evolve.  Some content I will share or expand on in the Sacred Time blog.  It is my hope that you join me in either location and call me when you need.